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BBC Media Player – The Media Applications Technologies for the BBC Media Player

BBC Media Player ICONBBC Media Player works with BBC websites and applications to provide video and audio playback on your Android device.

Once you have downloaded this application, continue to use your favourite BBC websites and apps on your Android device as normal. Whenever you play any video or audio the BBC Media Player will launch and handle playback of the content.

Users of Samsung Galaxy S5 devices may be unable to play content after the upgrade to Android Lollipop (5.x), and may find that the BBC Media Player app crashes after a few seconds. This was due to a bug in the Samsung firmware which has now been fixed and is currently being rolled out by the manufacturer and network operators. Therefore, ensure you keep the firmware for your device updated (the version must be at least G900FXXU1BOC7).

Another notable issue, is with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, where some users on Android Lollipop are unable to play video. This is still happening, and I hope the associated technology partners are looking into that issued and will be able to fix it as soon as possible.

This application is free for download in the Google play store.


BBC Media Player

User reviews: The app has received good traffic on Google play store, but still has some small issues that needs to be fixed.

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