BattleLore: Command

BattleLoreBattleLore: Command is a fantasy fight game.

This is a game for digital devices, that are capable of handling the tactical combat of BattleLore Second Edition to a new medium.

Command the noble Daqan Lords’ army in a full-length, single-player campaign to vanquish the vicious Uthuk Y’llan from Terrinoth, or skirmish against a friend on the same wireless network. Lead the noble Daqan army as they fearlessly defend their homeland from the invading hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan– demon-blooded barbarians spreading chaos and destruction wherever they go. Or, lead the Uthuk Y’llan and channel their fury into military supremacy. Whether you’re a proven commander or have never before fought a battle, BattleLore: Command provides a suspenseful and challenging tactical combat experience.

PREPARE FOR WAR: Muster armies suited to the mission at hand and support your strengths as a commander. Deploy them strategically and order them unit by unit.

TAKE THE FIELD: Use the 360º view with zooming capabilities to see the battlefield from any vantage point.

WIELD ARCANE POWERS: Lore powers give each army unique tactical and magical advantages you can use to surprise the enemy and turn the tide of battle.

FIGHT A HEROIC CAMPAIGN: Take charge of the Daqan army in a multi-mission single-player campaign to vanquish the Uthuk Y’llan and save Terrinoth.

SKIRMISH AGAINST A FRIEND OR AGAINST THE COMPUTER: Choose from five different skirmish scenarios and order either the Daqan Lords or Uthuk Y’llan in battles against a friend via local LAN multiplayer or against the CPU.

On the Android platform, this game can be downloaded via Google play store, at the cost of $ 9.99.



User reviews: BattleLore: Command has a great number of fans on android, they recommend this game well.

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