BASE Music Sensor – the superb app that knows your favorite tunes!

BASE Music SensorThe BASE Music Sensor offers you a new way to discover your favorite music using your smartphone. The app will constantly lurk in the background, but keen to inform you about music you might like, based on preferences collected integration with YouTube, SoundHound and music in your surroundings.

Unlike other discovery and identifying music applications, BASE Music Sensor listens to music around you continuously, and when music you might like is played in the background, the app automatically wakes your handset, and displays the tune details, so you don’t have to constantly be on the prowl to recognize which song is which. BASE can also differentiate between your home and work locations, and can grab music based on activity like jogging, driving….. At the end of the day, it makes a playlist of the songs it scoured from the ether around you, so you can enjoy life’s daily soundtrack and reminisce the activities.

The developers claim that BASE Music Service doesn’t take too heavy of a toll on your battery life, but rather sips the juice, but your mileage can vary, of course, depending on how much potentially interesting tune the service discovers during the day. Our own tests proved this true.

BASE Music Sensor discovers your life’s soundtrack.


  • Always on music detection and discovery
  • Automatically link to your favorite music apps – SoundHound, Youtube etc
  • Automatic detection of your Home and work locations (might take up to 48 hours)
  • Discover music by location (home, work, other)
  • Discover music by activity (Walking, Running, Driving, Idle)
  • Life’s soundtrack feature! Complete list of songs heard during your day 🙂
  • Explore your soundtrack nu date and location

BASE Music Sensor app is available on Google play for Android users. It is free, and does not necessarily need Wi-Fi to download. However, this app works best on devices running Android 4.0 and up. Try it now and find out if sounds good on your phone.


BASE Music Sensor1BASE Music Sensor2

User reviews: After you install BASE Music Sensor, you can consider giving your comment on Google play so that we can hear the different opinion users have about it. It will prove a good medium to communicate with its developers too.

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