BADLAND update: four-Player Co-Op Mode on a single device

BADLAND-150x150BADLAND: If you like touch based games, BADLAND is the game you would like to check out for. It is a game that one would call ‘classy’ but has stand out to shine its way in the forests. In this game, they say, Fly and survive and us we wish to see you fly all day! Already on the ground, the game is being played all over the world and users have been recommending it well all along.

Today, BADLAND receives an update with four-Player Co-Op Mode on a single device. The game was released way back in 2013 and its progress in the market is looking great! On it launch, BADLAND game came out with two playable modes. Single player and multi-player which supported up to 4 players on a single device. The game was made available on the play store for free.

Now with the new Co-Op Mode, brings the power of co-operation just the name suggests. Users will Power-ups benefit all the players and you have to work together to succeed. Just like multiplayer, each person gets a section of the screen to tap in order to control their color. While you can play on a phone, this user experience makes more sense on a tablet.

The update #15 brings cool controller support with new modified levels to play with friends. Also there are additional 120 new missions with level relays. Here is a summery.

Update #15 brings Co-Operative Mode to BADLAND:

  • Survive all the 40 modified DAY I levels together with your friends!
  • Supports up to four players playing with the same device either with touches or controllers
  • Includes 120 new missions and 7 new achievements
  • Improvement: Select random levels easily in the multiplayer mode
  • Improvement: Result screen now shows the level name in replay

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