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Cars, they are the moving metals, and yet they don’t have eyes. At some point, they are very useful, and humans love them very much. You can be in one place this time and in a few hours, or so, you find yourself totally in a different place. That’s what cars can help us do. And just as they are so good, cars can also put us in trouble. For instance, if I may ask a question, have you ever been the whipping boy due to a car accident simply because you lacked proof? Or costs you a lot of time and energy trying to communicate that what you are telling is true?

If you gave a yes as your answer, sorry for that; however there is good news for you. In case you didn’t know about AutoBoy BlackBox by then, be at ease because you are just about to learn how this app can be useful to you when you install it on your Android phone or tablet.

Well, AutoBoy BlackBox is very imported especially nowadays. You can never waver yourself knowing that you need it and it can be your personal assistant, too. The paid app got incredible functionality but comfort yourself with the free version first.

Therefore if you wanted to have a black box for your car, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it- there’s your chance, for this app is free on Google play. Functions like background recording, compass, driving info, collision sensing makes the app come in handy in many ways, esp. When you get in a car accident, you’ll always have your ticket out of trouble. It supports high-definition recordings and deletes old temp videos when a new cycle is on, so you don’t have to worry about space issues. To sum it up, better have one of the kindest. Helpfully, in certain situations you’ll be glad you have it.

How does AutoBoy BlackBox work?

It records various minute and leaves a record of acceleration levels, latitude, altitude, and speed every second while it records (when runs in the background, too). Finally, this application will make video files and data files with those.

You can also check the current location with address information’s of your car?

Yes, you can. You can adjust video resolution, bitrates and the sensitivity of the accelerator sensor or GPS update time.

And why is it important?

The AutoBoy BlackBox will help apportion blame; after an accident, police and insurance companies would be able to use the data to accurately discover what when on.

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Android Car App – Autoboy Blackbox – Review

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Google play comments (3,967)!

AutoBoy BlackBox has gained a multiple number of users once it was made available for free. It is currently rated four.3 on Google play.


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