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ARChon PackagerARChon Packager is the new look of Chrome APK Packager, a tool that makes it slightly easier to move Android apps over to your desktop for loading into stand-alone Chrome applications. You’ll still need ARChon on your desktop, laptop, or ChromeOS device, but with a little bit of elbow grease most Android apps will run at least somewhat well

ARChon Packager is a convenient way to produce Chrome ARChon Custom Runtime packages directly from your phone.

You can generate chrome packages from either APKs on your phones storage, or from apps installed on your phone (It will pull APK)

Just install, follow the guided walkthrough to select an app, choose how it should run (tablet, landscape, mobile, portrait) and the app will do the rest. Everything is zipped together neatly, ready to be moved over to your PC for installation in Chrome.

Open the App, select an APK or App from list. App Name and package name are both pulled from the APK and put into the manifest.json file. Everything is then zipped together in a ChromeAPK folder on your phones storage.

Created by XDA Developers forum user bpear96, the app is available install from the Play Store and does not require root access.

NOTE: ARChon is both unsupported and not endorsed by either Google or Chromium. It is a third-party plugin and provided without warranty or guarantee. Also be aware that the repackaging and re-distribution of Android Apps is a copyright grey area.


ARChon Packager1ARChon Packager3

User reviews: Feel free to post your comments on Google play if you have used this app, thank you.

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