Animated Widget Pro

Animated Widget ProAnimated widget Pro will help you to start apps and call your friends quick and easy.

This widget has got NEW! Apps Launcher Widget with animated fast dial widget which greatly facilitates such tasks frequent contacts, sending SMS, MMS-mailing. ’s actions are accompanied by customizable video effects, which realistic beautiful.

It gives you a 1-2 tap action to set of Contact, Contact Group, Apps Launcher and Bookmarks Launcher Widgets. It has a great UI, which gives you android device a new beautiful look.

New feature: gestures are supported it this current version, any action can be started using pre-selected gesture. All common types of gestures are supported like swipe, scroll, pinch, zoom, 1-3 fingers. Details of implementation are described in its developers  blog.

New global configuration params: “Enable gestures” and “Enable gesture’s animation”.

The Contact widget shows photo of the contact and provides instant access to various contact’s actions: phone call, SMS, chat, email, make calls and sending messages through instant messengers, opening post address on map, opening URLs in browser and so on.

The App Launcher widget shows selected by you apps at one icon. You can group some frequently used apps to widget and start those apps in 2 taps. Long tap on app opens App info page, that allows to force stop the app quickly.

Group contacts is advanced folder of contacts that allows to start any action of any contact in 2-3 taps. Skin, color and image customization will help you to highlight contacts and find them on the screen quickly.

However, all widgets provide possibility to use various types of gestures: swipe, scroll, and pinch, zoom. One-finger, two-finger and three-finger gestures are supported. Don’t waste time to find out the icon of the action on the screen – just open widget and make short gesture to execute favorite app or start call to your friend.

You can save space on your home screen. Group items according to labels and create fully customizable folders and widgets. You can organize your apps, contacts and bookmarks in efficient way.


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User reviews: This widget app has been taken positively by android uses, they are willing to share their thoughts on how the app could be improve to make it even better!

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