Animals vs. Mutants: Fight for the forest and rescue animals

Animals vs. Mutants1Who is the toughest, the Animals or the Mutants? CJ Netmarble invites you to play their new game, Animals vs. Mutants and find out for yourself the winning side.

Created by Netmarble US, the US branch of South Korean publisher Netmarble Games Corp, it has been received warmly around the globe.

In this game, players will attempt to rescue forest animals from Dr. Wicked. Being an aptly named villain, Dr. Wicked is kidnapping forest animals to raise an army of mutants, something that you must stop with nothing but a bow and arrow. It’s only you who can rescue the remaining animals, by fighting it out on foot and summoning animal helpers to aid in the battle.

Battles in Animals vs. Mutants work much like plants vs. Zombies. But here your hero runs around the battlefield, automatically attacking any mutants who get too close. Players can summon a variety of animals to fight as well, all with unique attacks and powers.

Its gameplay will take the form of 2D tower offence and include RPG aspects that will help you upgrade your equipment and attacks. ANIMALS VS. MUTANTS features 3 main game types including Adventure, with over 60 missions in 5 different locations, Survival, which sees your trying to survive an endless wave of mutants, and Battle, which lets you compete against your Facebook friends for the best score.

Besides the fun of acquiring new animals from each of the 60 stages you beat, this game also offers tons of goods to collect. You’ll outfit your character with unique weapons and armor, and even equip various animal mounts. The mounts level up too, changing their appearance and effectiveness.

Kids will love the colorful artwork and cutesy characters, but adults will enjoy the goods hunting and variety of missions to complete. Give it a try and stop those mutants from encroaching on the peacefulness of the forest.  It’s available for free on both Android and iOS.


Animals vs. Mutants2

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