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Animals are all around us every day, and they’re a walking, breathing example of how amazing science can actually be. If your child is constantly asking questions about animals, then this may be the app to get them more involved. Your child will have to answer questions in order to rescue animals. Some of the questions asked include; where an Alligator moves fastest, what a Fish uses to breathe. So that means, the child should be able to read and answer multiple choice questions, these are not mind-bending zinger.

After completing a quiz, an animal will be rescued from the menagerie of beasties within the app. The rescued animals will now show up in their Safari screen, where they can see the animals they have managed to get to safety.

To unlock each of the 12 animals, they will need to complete a new quiz with new questions. While some of the questions can be a little bit tricky, this is a game that should be easily doable for those in Elementary school or who have already picked up reading without a problem.

There are a good number of ads on this app, but if your child is playing on a tablet instead of a phone, then they are far less distracting and in the way.

Notable features in Animal Kingdom Science For Kid game

  • Collect 33 amazing interactive 3D Animals to populate your Animal Kingdom
  • 1000 high quality Science Interactive Questions to arouse your child’s interest in learning about the world around him
  • Science Questions difficulties range from Preschool to First Grade
  • 3 different theme-based quizzes to engage the learner
  • Intuitive quizzes with drag and drop to make learning fun
  • Customize quiz settings to cater to different learner’s abilities.
  • Design your very own Animal Kingdom, see your animals roam freely and show off your achievements

This game is available Google play store for FREE!


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Additional information

Installs: 1,000 – 5,000

Offered By: IM Studio

Developer Email:

User reviews: According to Google play store reviews, this app is very useful for the young users

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