Android updated YouTube bringing new Reorganized Navigation Menu, Better Searching, Tabs On Channels …

nexusae0_unnamed-5_thumb8Android updated YouTube bringing new Reorganized Navigation Menu, Better Searching, Tabs On Channels, And more

YouTube app for Android has yet receives another update, though they may sound not so big but they remain of substance in your mobile streaming device (s). This updates were made in line to improve search and channel functionality for smartphones and tablets.

After launching a new permission for receiving data from the internet, which it uses to give you a new video notifications, Google has added visual change is a slight reorganization of the slide-out navigation menu. If you aren’t keen you might not even realize it. What to Watch is now at the top of the list, and then followed by a link to My subscriptions. The drawer now only opens if you swipe from the edge, not just in the main app user interface. The channels and My Subscriptions also have a new tabbed interface.

You’ll now see channel results when you search for keywords along with video results (channels will show up at the top of the search results when a match is found).

The standardized tabs on the page layout are emphasized so users can now tap into those channels and easily swipe left and right between Activity, Videos and Playlists. Google points out that this update has various bug fixes, including a bizarre issue where the Cast button would be on top of the current video when Bluetooth was connected.

Update: The changelog is live:

  • Find videos, playlists and channels together in search results
  • Tabs on channel pages, for activity, videos and playlists
  • Various bug fixes and improvements, notably a fix for the Cast icon appearing over the player when Bluetooth is connected
  • The offline video playback is not part of the current update, some code strings suggest that it will be part of an update coming soon

You can acquire the latest updated version (5.3.23 on our devices) at the Play Store.


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