Android titles 84.6% of global smartphone market share in Q2 2014, while Xiaomi now fifth-largest vendor!


Android widened its lead on all its competitors. The share of Apple iOS reportedly fell from 13.4 percent a year ago to 11.9 percent, while Microsoft dropped from 3.8 percent to 2.7 percent, and BlackBerry shrunk from 2.4 percent to 0.6 percent.

Android continued to expand its dominance globally, as per the latest mobile market share statistics. The research, released by Strategy Analytics, claims that Android reached 84.6% of smartphones sold worldwide and still records strong growth overall in the global market.


Strategy Analytics reported 295.2 million smartphone shipments in Q2 2014, just 0.1 million off from IDC’s number. Growth seems to have tapered off, with the firm recording the market’s slowest growth level in five years.

As for which device makers are seeing the most business, the analysts reports that Samsung remains firmly in the lead, although its market share has declined back to 25% compared to nearly 33% a year ago.

However, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi shipped 15.1 million units which in turn pushed the company to become the world’s fifth-largest brand for the first time ever, reporting according Strategy Analytics.

Xiaomi’s business has its strong hold in the Chinese market, but due to its demand, the Company plans to expand its boundaries to target the international market in Asia and Europe, where it will have to invest big money to familiarize western consumers with its unfamiliar brand name.

Nevertheless, there must be certain forces that has pushed Android’s popularity in the market, for it is traced as the late arrival in the smartphone race, and yet it dominates now! Of cause it’s none other than Google! The statistics reflect a deliberate effort by Google Inc. to get Android running on as many devices as possible. Google realizes for this strategy to work, not for their benefit, they made Android free and up to date, the OS is open source.

Could Microsoft have borrowed this idea from Google? Since, the company has made Windows 8.1 free to devices less than 9 inches. And if it so, how will it make profit out of it, if at all it’s giving it free? Oh, yes, like Google; mobile advertising and use of its services.

Well, we can only keep watch, see how the trend goes.


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