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Android for Work  App Gives Android a Split Personality

Android for Work AppIf you work in an office environment, you probably know a few people (maybe a lot of people) with two smartphones. One is a personal phone full of pictures of the family, games, social networking, and sports stuff, and the other is a company-issued smartphone full of e-mail, appointments, contacts, and documents. With two phones, your IT department has full control over your work data and can remotely wipe it, and they never get to see your personal pictures or other information. It’s a workable setup, but the downside is all the duplication—you have two phones, two chargers, and almost no free pocket space. The other alternative is BYOD—Bring Your Own Device—in which the IT department takes over and installs a bunch of company software to your personal phone

There is an easy way to overcome this with the Android for Work App.

This app provides the ultimate solution to get work done on your Android device and separates your work and personal data. With your IT administrator’s support, the Android for Work app isolates and encrypts work data, including productivity, third-party, and internally developed applications. Use the Android for Work app to access all the business tools you need to get your job done.

With full policy enforcement, control over app distribution, and remote wiping of all business data, IT admins can manage the Android for Work app through partner management solutions.

The app is offered by Google Inc. and it’s freely available on Google play store. However, the 16MB sized app will install on Android version(s) 4.0 – 4.4 ONLY.

Check out for its screenshots here.

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User reviews: According to reviews in the play store, this app is helpful.

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