Android co-founder and ex-Googler Andy Rubin joins Redpoint, a venture capital firm.


Andy Rubin is famous for creating Android, the most used Operating system on smartphones today. But before this, he had worked at WebTV for a period of 20 plus years, as an engineer and left the office at his own will.

Today, he counts all that history and he has partnered with venture capital firm called Redpoint. This news comes on the same day that Rubin’s startup incubator, Playground, disclosed that it had raised $48 million in funding from a number of investors, including Redpoint.

Redpoint roports:

“We started talking in earnest about Andy joining Redpoint twelve months ago over a cup of coffee at his wife’s bakery in Los Altos. Andy had some big ideas about the evolution of hardware and software, but he wasn’t sure whether he would pursue them through his own hardware-focused incubator, Playground, or as a partner at Redpoint. Ultimately, we decided he should do both, and so we partnered a fourth time. Andy has become a Venture Partner at Redpoint, and Redpoint is the first investor in Playground.”

At WebTV, Rubin was one of the first engineers to be hired, since the company had noticed his uncommon combination of technical skill and vision. While working there, he developed the first platform that connected the web to people’s televisions. And this saw WebTV grew rapidly and ultimately sold to Microsoft for $500 million.

Rubin would then leave Microsoft to become CEO of smartphone pioneer Danger. During this quest, he built Danger from nothing into the must-have tech gadget of its time with over 2 million devices, and fans like Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg. Today, Danger boasts over deploying many of the core smartphone services used in the world. The young Danger technical featured integrated messaging, mobile video, over-the-air OS updating, and the app store. Later Danger achieved scale, Rubin left and joined Redpoint as an Entrepreneur in Residence. He was a colleague to Satish Dharmaraj who was incubating Zimbra in our offices and later, also joined us a Partner.

Redpoint website records that it was in Redpoint’s offices that Andy Rubin first conceived Android. Ten years later, Android has become one of the most widely adopted technologies in the world, an operating system powering billions of devices. They claim that Andy’s expansive vision isn’t just limited to technology. Android’s success depended on discovering the right go-to-market model and pursuing the key business relationships that were required to make it the enormous success it is today. Andy sees what’s possible well before most people.

Redpoint company has welcomed Rubin with open hands and is looking forward for great new discoveries as he will lead his team higher heights.

Source: RedPoint

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