Android Auto: To Be Available On Mazda Models


Android Auto provides you with a simpler way to use your phone in the car, whether on your phone screen or on your car display. This app is designed to minimize distractions so that you remain focused on the road. Android Auto comes with large touch targets, easy-to-use voice actions and a simplified interface.

For you to use Android Auto app, you must have an Android phone running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. To use Android Auto app on your car’s in-dash display, your car must be Android Auto compatible. Now this had been an issue for Mazda users because previously Mazda vehicles were not compatible with Android Auto.

In recent months Android Auto seemed to have slowed down but now it has picked another car to add to its repertoire i.e Mazda. Mazda is being secretive with regard to the timeline and which vehicles of its vehicles would be the first to receive the smartphone mirroring services. Besides the fact that Mazda is being secretive, its spokesman – Jacob Brown – had some good news. He claims that Android Auto should be retroactively available on all Mazda Connect systems. He also added that there is a possibility of adding a potentially minimal hardware.

This is definitely good news to everyone who owns a Mazda model but don’t be in a hurry to get too excited because Connect came out with the 2014 Mazda3 and is now in a variety of models. Make sure that your Mazda model is included in that list before jumping up and down with joy. There are no confirmations whether Android Auto will cause Mazda owners additional costs or whether there will be any costs at all. I am also not sure whether the addition of a potentially minimal hardware will be for free (I highly doubt).

To sum it up, Mazda also said that it would also be bringing CarPlay to its vehicle line up.

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