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Whatsapp ICONThe criticism of the formerly very popular WhatsApp Messenger has not stopped yet; apparently after the announcement of the proposed sale to the social network Facebook . Among other things, the global server breakdowns and other mishaps have provided a fertile ground for discussions on security and privacy.

Anyone who uses WhatsApp on an android, probably last night or somewhere on Saturday a popup with the text “This version of WhatsApp requires an update in 14 days. Update now to the latest version? Getting.” At the latest, after they had clicked the Refresh button and was led into the Play Store could be skeptical, because the promised update is not available! Although the update was announced some time ago and the apk file is available on the official website of the developer for download ( version 2.11.181 ) and is thus obtainable via WhatsApp2Date , where else the standard source , Google App Store, the newer version is but not yet available ( still 2.11.152 ) .

So the users remain with two alternatives, since the modified apk WhatsApp + is affected by the bug. Either he/she remains the Play Store faithful and wait or change the update server and manually update on the Whatsapp page. The most important new feature is the privacy setting that allows the hiding of Last Online profile picture and status for users who only have the phone number, but the other chat partner haven’t responded.

Complaint against WhatsApp takeover

The U.S. International Trade Commission FTC privacy advocates have filed a complaint against the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook. The independent authority to determine how far the user privacy was infringed by the proposed purchase for $ 19 billion. The reasons are, inter alia, the promise of the founding father in January Koum led, WhatsApp would “never sell your personal information to anyone.” It was also insured under the Privacy Policy, except that cell phone numbers no data will be stored long-term and messages after delivery or after 30 days will be automatically deleted.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) , who filed the complaints would like to point out that the 450 million users gained from the alleged protection of privacy and Facebook clearly an interest in the data of the users have . As an example, the Facebook Messenger may be called, which is known for collecting user data.

The deal should be long postponed until an encapsulation of WhatsApp is achieved with respect to stored information that is to prevent the customer from Facebook’s “collective addiction”


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