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AC3 Player ICONAC3 Player – Using an android smartphone to do your day today mobile stuff like making calls, social or gaming is always fun and perfect. But when it comes to playing music, it’s irritating when you get unsupported Audio formats. What you need to do is install a third party media player, and AC3 Player is one of the great player on the Android platform.

AC3 Player is a fairly simple video player app that allows users to play the tricky codec without any additional plugins or downloads. It boasts under-the-hood optimizations to help improve overall performance, frame rate, and more. It also supports a bunch of other video codecs, and many audio codecs as well. There is also subtitle support, playback speed control, and a sleep timer if you need those. It’s one of the easier, simpler video player apps out there.

Therefore; AC3 Player is the solution of your problem.

Key Features:

  • AC3 audio supported
  • Graphics optimization for high fps.
    • No plugins required.
    • automatic search all mobile phone video and
  • music files
    • supports all video and audio playback formats
    • supports multiple subtitle formats, automatic
  • synchronization
    • Playing gesture
    • Play History list
    • Connect online video.
    • Playback speed control
    • Sleep time setting
    • Add subtitle file
    • using hardware decoding, take advantage of
  • hardware acceleration
    • small memory, simple operation, quick start,
  • smooth playback support
    • Flash formats video – flv, asf videos
    • Thumbnail displays of videos
    • HD video playing memory optimization

This app is licensed under GPLv3 or later. The sources of this app can be found at .


AC3 Player screenshotsAC3 Player screenshot 2

USER REVIEWS: AC3 player has been rated/commented well by users in the play store, and web reviewers.

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